This toolkit has been designed to guide SAS reps and communities on how you can use the Water Quality Report to support your campaigning.

This year’s report delves into the sewage pollution problem across the UK, with specific chapters dedicated to the different water quality issues experienced across the four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The report is for ocean activists, communities and water lovers to use as a campaigning tool – so that you have the information and real stories you need to evidence your asks. Whether you use this report to educate others in your community on water quality issues or use its data and detailed conclusions to bolster your local water quality campaigns, we want you to feel empowered to influence action.

Of course, we recognise the way you campaign will be bespoke to your local area, so use the report in whatever way you need to get your local activations off the ground and if there is anything more you need from the SAS HQ team – please let us know.



All of this year’s key facts and figures at a glance.


of terms

Make sense of the technical phrases and acronyms in the report.


with media

Interview advice and techniques for SAS community reps.


across the uk

Actions you take take in your community to bring about change.



Essential links and resources to support your campaign at your fingertips.



Download the full report or easy-to-print nation focus reports.